The Bride, olive tree symbol of Rovies no longer exists

The olive tree – symbol of Rovies no longer exists.

A 2,500-year-old olive tree that witnessed the agricultural activity in Rovies from the time of Pericles until today ceased to live.

It survived the tidal wave, which Thucydides refers to, which struck Rovies in 427 BC. It was an inspiration for the creation of the olive grove of Rovies that started in 1923 by Antonis Papadopoulos. An olive grove that, until a few days ago, numbered more than 70,000 olive trees, in an area of 350 hectares from the beach to the foothills of Xiron and Telethrion mountains.

The fruit from this olive tree may not have participated in the production of the members of the Cooperative of Rovies. However, as the president of the Rovies Coop, Nikos Vallis, tells us, it stood there to encourage all the producers of the Agricultural Cooperative and remind them every day that the heritage is not lost. It was for everyone but also for visitors of the region a monument of Nature that connected us with the history of the place, as the Parthenon connects the Greeks with their History. Since yesterday, it doesn’t exist.

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